Molekule Case Study


Challenges & Goals

Molekule is on a mission to eliminate indoor air pollution for everyone and in every home.  Designing for a new piece of hardware is always challenging. We had to educate the users on their air quality, show them how to replace filters, and let them know that we took their air quality seriously. The goal was to leverage Molekule’s highly scientific hardware, and to create an engaging, consumer-friendly application.


Information Architecture

Before sketching, I like to start by mapping out the information architecture. A unique challenge with this project was mapping out the appropriate touch points between the hardware and the application.



During the sketching period, I landed on a simple interface. While this is an expensive piece of hardware, I didn’t want the users to feel overwhelmed with options.



I typically do user testing during wire frames to remove unnecessary steps and track user behaviors. During this time, I landed on the proper onboarding questions and added last minute features.


Iterative Design

The main control screen had to feel clean and airy. I ended up with a minimal approach. The emphasis was on the cleaning progress. I animated particles flowing freely in the background and being eliminated by the hardware. This approach not only decluttered the control screen, but also intrigued the user with a constant smooth animation.


Final Approvals



The onboarding requires a connection to the hardware. We required that users answer three simple questions before proceeding to the home screen. These questions help the hardware make better calculations and decisions when in Auto Mode.


Inform & Educate

Users in the US are typically not concerned with air quality. I sought creative ways to educate consumers about the effects of air pollution and the efficacy of the technology with fun illustrations. I also used illustrations to walk users through the replacement of filters.


The End Result

The Molekule application combines intelligence, minimalism, and functionality. Through a deceptively simple user interface, we introduced smart controls, informative illustrations, and unique interactions. The result is a design that improves the experience of owning one of Molekule’s air purifiers and complements the state-of-the-art technology behind the purifier. Crowned the Edison Award Winner in February 2017, and named one of 2017’s most innovative products by Time Magazine, alongside the iPhone X and the Tesla Model 3. Now on its fourth release, it has once again sold out in a matter of hours.