KeyBank - Case Study


KeyBank is a brick and mortar establishment where people have gone to fulfill their traditional banking needs for over one hundred years. The goal was to improve KeyBank’s digital services (specifically mobile). Through the newly designed application, KeyBank can now give financial advice, expertise, and further their reach to their customers.

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My Role

I was the lead designer on the project. My team and I worked closely with the KeyBank digital team and the business strategy team. I came up with concepts, user flows and the overall visual tone.


Guiding Principles


Ease was primarily communicated through a clever and unique user-experience. We placed forms and functions in intuitive locations and utilized modern design practices of reducing friction wherever possible.


Expertise is an additional layer of value beyond “Core Banking” features that provides secondary value to the user. Essentially, the application will provide a level of financial advice and expertise through insights in order to create value, trust, and user-engagement.


Wire and Test


There is a lot of complexity in the onboarding for a bank. We quickly started to wireframe and brainstorm internally. We spent time exploring a few selected directions, testing them with users and stake-holders to make sure our decisions were justified.


Dynamic Screens

We wanted to make the app feel fresh and personalized. We decided to dynamicly change a few core screens, like Sign On and My Accounts to have imagery that is contextual to the users location.


Final Approvals

Ease and Value

Banking is sometimes difficult. We wanted to make it super easy to deposit a check, transfer money, make a payment, and even dispute a transaction. But it’s not just about adding features, it’s about adding value. Our user tests showed that 8 out of 10 users wanted more in-depth information about their transactions. Typical banking apps only show basic information. We added more data like: time and date of debit, time and date it was posted, location with a map, and a clear business name when available.


Provide Expertise

We wanted to provide dynamic cards that would allow varying levels of hierarchy which can be dependent on the user’s needs or actions. Insights would be elevated if the information is newly updated or urgent. First insights would be geared towards wellness profile completion. The “Locations & ATMs” card would be higher in the card hierarchy if the user is near an ATM, or they use this feature frequently.


The End Result

The new KeyBank app is centered around the user. By creating an app that is dynamic from the onboarding to the general Key services screen, we’ve created an experince that is unique to each individual. The simplification of basic tasks like money transfer, bill payments, and more increased user engagment. 


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